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We increase growth, trade and export
in the European food industry.
Since 1993.

Food and Beverage Consulting


‘FOOD AND WINE CULTURE Consulting’ is one of the most experienced consultancies for the F&B industry in Europe. For more than 30 years, we have been supporting small and large producers, winegrowers, exporters, food retailers, specialised trade, food service, restaurants and catering. As part of the CLATU Group, we also offer the full range of services required for the successful launch, repositioning or sales of food and beverages. This includes market intelligence and research, key account management, strategy, product development, import, customs and certifications, training, lectures, keynotes and other services.

As a niche player in the large consultancy market, our strength is our specialisation in – and absolute passion for – one single industry. Our expertise is an added value for your success!

A Perfect Fit


Whether startup, family business, medium-sized company or corporate group – we know that every task is different and every customer is special. That’s why we don’t believe in standard solutions. We offer flexible, innovative and customized consulting concepts, tailored to your individual needs. No matter whether your company is one of the really big ones, a small one with big ideas or a startup. We know the European markets and the changing consumer needs. Based on this, we examine outdated mindsets and develop product and marketing strategies that will give you new impetus, attract new target groups and increase your sales success.

Export to the EU

Your Gateway to New Markets

Discover the European food and beverage landscapes, gain insights into your competitors, strategically position your product, and initiate your sales journey.
While it’s possible to expand into a new market by establishing your in-house sales team, the most efficient approach often is to have a regional expert on site who understands the culture, knows the legal requirements, speaks the language and has already a valuable network of agents, distributors, brokers, or resellers.

To win them over, you must present a compelling narrative outlining why your product outperforms existing options and a clear vision of how they can increase their profitability by collaborating with you. We stand at your side to develop your food business in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy and Spain.

Combined Expert Knowledge


FOOD AND WINE CULTURE is part of the → CLATU Group (, a European alliance of consultants, experts, chefs, editors, sales professionals, designers, IT/digitalization specialists, trainers, and coaches who have joined forces. Our group includes the → CLATU Academy (lectures, seminars, workshops, coaching), → CLATU Startup (consulting and coaching for startups), → CLATU Solutions (market studies, sales team and complementary services) and → FB-EXPERTS.

Our in-house network FB-EXPERTS consists of experienced consultants for the F&B industry and its related sectors. From plant engineering to retail. Across all functional areas. From purchasing, production and product development, to sales and employee training, certifications and customs clearance, to food retailing and the final product range at the POS.

Our company headquarters are in Heidelberg, Germany (near Frankfurt). We work nationwide and internationally and have partner offices in Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France and England.


Restructuring or growth?
Investment or savings?
Development or downsizing?
Global or regional market entry?
Digitalization or … ?

Accelerate innovation across your entire company and optimize processes with trusted advisors and specialists at your side to whom you can simply say YES.

Competence That Pays Off

What sets us apart

Our customers expect careful analysis, impartial, expert advice and a fresh “outside” perspective in order to achieve rapid economic improvement. Based on our experience and expertise, we see ourselves as a source of inspiration, but also as a partner who brings together what belongs together in a specific situation for a specific time.

Full focus through maximum efficiency

FOOD AND WINE CULTURE is an owner-managed consultancy consisting of closely networked specialists. We aim to understand your requirements and respond to them in the best possible way. We act quickly, personally and purposefully to ensure that no valuable time is lost and that you receive the best possible solution.

We create something special

We are not a “company”, a “think tank” or an “agency”. We are people. People who create something together with their minds, their thinking, their will and their skills. A team of experts, because nobody can do alone what we can achieve together. We speak your language, B2B and B2C, and we understand and respect your entrepreneurial spirit because we are entrepreneurs ourselves.

Cross-generational cooperation

At FOOD AND WINE CULTURE, senior experts work closely with young professionals in a wide business range: Strategy, corporate development, start-ups, digitalisation, technology and marketing. This unique mix allows you to benefit from comprehensive expertise that is both in-depth and contemporary.  

Keeping your future competitiveness in mind

We focus our attention on relevant market developments, trends and innovations. However, we not only focus on the food industry but also observe other sectors to find inspiration and learn. This serves as the basis for our innovation strategy and influences the ongoing development of our services. We make our findings and inside knowledge available to you, thereby strengthening your market position and future competitiveness.

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