Food & Beverage Consulting Germany F&B

Food & Beverage Consulting Firm in Germany

FOOD AND WINE CULTURE is a specialized company for Food & Beverage Consulting Germany F&B. As experienced industry experts for strategic consulting, sales and marketing in the B2B environment…

  • … we see ourselves first and foremost as a source of impetus, but also as a companion on the way to sustainably produced food.
  • … we support you first and foremost in developing your sales activities in a targeted manner
  • … we help you to open up new markets and customer groups
  • … design processes for an increasingly networked and digitalized world.

Our customers come from the organic food, food (SME), food retail, trade, export, beverage and wine sectors. Many of them place a high value on responsible food and other forms of sustainable agriculture. What sets us apart: The trinity of technical expertise, communication and strategy. Our approach is all-encompassing: from consulting, conception and implementation to training and follow-up.


FOOD AND WINE CULTURE has a diverse experience knowledge through different backgrounds and a large industry network in the food industry. Together, we have many years of practical experience and possess a broad spectrum of competencies. This enables us to understand the perspectives of a wide range of stakeholders and to develop strategies for our clients in a far-sighted and comprehensive manner.  Our consulting services range from the selection of suitable partners and the development of strategies and business models to ensuring operational implementation in the company or at the point of sale – analog and digital, national and international.


Above all else: High yield increase and targeted growth.
Benefit from our „view from the outside“ and the objectivity of a neutral authority. Specific know-how that you might not possess to a sufficient extent in-house. Fast and carefree overcoming of personnel bottlenecks. Valuable insight to the markets in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Productive and transparent processes. Professional and personal training of your employees. And last but not least, manageable costs thanks to a success-based fee.


Food & Beverage Consulting Germany F&B. Strategic sales consulting. Customer development. Analysis of markets and development of new sales channels. Determination of product requirements for target groups and target markets. Identification, expansion and support of strategic sales partners. Online marketing. Destination marketing. Image promotion of brands and products. Coaching and training.

Since we are not a general business and technology consultancy, but have specialized exclusively in the organic, wine and food industry, we know exactly the different interests of consumers and trade and bring them in line with the interests of our customers in an equally sensitive and targeted manner.


A team without customer orientation, without clear goals and without good time management often works inefficiently and is less satisfied. In that case, employees are significantly less productive and also cost the company a lot of money. With exciting keynotes and good, practical training, your staff will better exploit their potential and their success will increase massively and measurably. The bottom line is that everyone wins: the customers (higher satisfaction, enthusiastic about the product, pull instead of pressure), the employees (more productivity, higher effectiveness, more satisfaction) and the company (cost savings, better climate, satisfied employees, loyal customers).

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Food & Beverage Consulting Germany F&B